I hope the information on Run Strong is a useful addition to your current training, or a helpful start to get you moving on your journey to being a stronger runner. I consider everything here to be the very beginning of a very long run – enough to get you started and keep you on track for a year or two – but please know that there is oh so much more we can do.


The really great stuff starts where these phases finish. From here we can progress your running onto a new plane and achieve great results with contrast training, complex training, or post-activation potentiation – sounds fun, right? It is. We can target specific goals such as reducing ground contact time, increase tendon stiffness for greater energy return, and improve rate of force development for maximum efficiency and delayed fatigue.


I have coached athletes to run 5km up to 100 miles and beyond. I have worked with novice athletes who just want to establish good movement patterns, and I’ve coached elite runners build their mileage, and masters athletes that are frustrated age cannot escape injuries. I know first hand that strength allows me to achieve above and beyond my natural ability, and I’m excited to show what it can do for you too. Get in touch if you are ready for the next phase in your personal running journey.

Personal coaching includes

  • Unlimited communication

  • Achieve the best understanding of how strength training can be applied to your lifestyle

  • Regularly re-evaluate your progress for best results

  • Tailored and flexible evidence-based training prescriptions

  • Provide you with some daily corrective exercises if appropriate

  • Develop and achieve your own goals, such as:

    • Run pain free

    • Achieve a PB

    • Run faster

    • Run further

    • Run Stronger!

    • $150 per program


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