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Specific, Effective, Accessible Strength Training for Runners



Run strong is specific strength training to support the needs of runners. Every footstrike sends 2 x our bodyweight of force through our joints and tissues. Some runners compliment their training with group fitness, which is great for social engagement, but really just leaves you more fatigued. Core and glute exercises are also staples of the running community, sure they make you feel good and are an integral part of your program, but they don't prepare our joints and tissues for the rigours of downhill running or the later stages of long runs. Run Strong provides you with heavy gym-based strengthrunning-specific home programs (with lots of interesting props), core strength and stabilityevent preparation programsgroup strength programs, plyometrics programs, injury prevention programs specific to runners, and the science of strength - research to illustrate just how easy and effective targeted strength training can be. Take your pick to suit your needs and please show your support if you would like to keep this going.



Just so we are on the same page, 'home' means you have access to: a skipping rope, suspension trainer, exercise ball, resistance bands, step or chair, and one of those camping water containers (10-15L). I guarantee these toys will make your program much more fun, variable, and effective.


Difficult to beat. All the toys, high adherence (once you make it through the front door), smooth progressions, easy to quantify progress, no compromise. Huge results through improved neuromuscular coordination (brain-muscle connection), rate of force development (RFD, my favourite), and pure simple strength.


Jumping and landing. The ultimate transfer of strength into power through improved connective tissue stiffness (tendons and co) and neuromuscular efficiency (brain-muscle connection). Significant base strength recommended to maximise the benefits and minimise any risk, check out the blog for more info on this. Time efficient and great fun.

CrossFit Jumps
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For those that like to train together. No excuses for bodyweight only. There will be bands, skipping ropes, park benches & steps, plus a few novelty toys. Let's chat to see what you have. Most likely embraced outdoors.


Your core is the centre of force transfer, stabilising your pelvis and trunk through which your opposite arm and leg talk to each other. Here you will find a strong focus on motor-control through teaching your muscles to work as a team. A well-functioning core with adequate stability, mobility, strength, and motor control is essential for a healthy runner. These programs are designed to keep you standing tall and running strong.


If you are training for a particular event, check out some of these great running festivals that I have partnered with to provide specific strength programs to best prepare you for the event and support your running to keep you moving steadily towards your goals.



Time to pick on your weakness. The daily dose involves holding 1 exercise for 1 minute each day specific to your injury history. Have you suffered from Achilles tendinopathy? Calf raise holds for you. Patello-femoral pain? Wall sits while sipping coffee. 1 minute a day is all it takes in this fight against being another statistic. It's time to make gravity your friend.


This is what I get excited about. Are plyometrics more effective performed as single or repeated jumps? Repeated jumps for ground reaction time, single for power. Is dynamic heavy strength better at 50% max load or 85%? Effort to move the weight seems most important. Does stretching improve your running? I'm not touching that one. How heavy should runners lift? Proper heavy. Will weight training weigh me down with muscle? Unlikely. Time is precious. Use yours wisely. Apply what works.

Single vs repeated plyometrics.png


Running is my passion and it takes a lot of time to develop and improve this program. If anything here has helped you, inspired you, or been of any benefit to you, please contribute what you can and help me keep it going. If everyone chips in, I can help more runners achieve their goals.

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I try my best to tailor my plans for specific situations and requirements. If you can’t find what you need, get in touch directly for personal strength coaching.



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