UTA is surely a bucket list event for every trail runner. Epic single track, stunning views, a rich cultural history, a few sets of stairs, endless and punishing descents, what more do you need? Strength. Pure, simple, time-efficient, proven strength. Training for this beast is going to require some sacrifices, lots of dedication, plenty of support from SQUADRUN, and perhaps the occasional visit to Fix Physio in Sydney or Gold Coast Physio for our Qld friends just to keep you on track.


Home Phase 3 - Advanced

Strength Requirements Right here

When I was a kid I really enjoyed riding the luge in Rotorua, NZ. Every time you went, they made you ride down the beginner track before taking on the advanced track, no matter how times you had been. Consider this phase the Rotorua luge. These exercises are designed with the assumption that your tissues are ready for the load (hence all the strength testing) and your experience puts you in perfect standing to tackle some high impact (especially phase 3x!!!), technically challenging exercises. That'll do, into it. Please sing out with any questions, I am here to get you there.


Equipment Foam Roller, Mat, Stability Ball, Suspension Trainer, Weights (camping water containers are pretty great)

Commitment 1-2 sessions per week

Session Duration Approx 45 mins

Block Duration 12 weeks

Safety first Indulge me right here

UTA Home Phase 3


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