Home Phase 1 - Refine & Commit

As you can see from the equipment list, 'home' does not mean 'rest day waving water bottles around'. While you are picking up a few strength toys, look ahead at phase 2 and grab a suspension trainer while you are at it. Right, home strength phase 1 . Warm up with a little foam roller quad bash and a gentle mobility routine. Fire up those gluts and deep hip with the 'runners lunge' while focusing on aligning your knee with little toe, then jump into some skipping to pump up the calves and get your heart rate up. The next four exercises work well as a circuit, three times through, keep moving, left leg, right leg, then the next exercise. Keep the quality of movement high by resting as required and focus on technique. Finally, finish off with a core awareness exercises to round it off. When ready take the strength test for access to phase 2.


Equipment Foam Roller, Mat, Stability Ball, Step, Theraband, Barbell, Squat Rack, Dumbbells

Commitment 1-2 sessions per week

Session Duration Approx 45 mins

Block Duration 12 weeks

Safety first Indulge me right here

UTA Home Phase 1


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