Gym Phase 2 - Intermediate

Next up is the intermediate gym program. Again, a lengthy warm of your choice to get you in the zone (and lets face it, runners don't stretch so I have snuck in some gentle movement to get you feeling good). Onwards we go to some good old plyo to stimulate some healthy tendon changes. Again, there are 2 strength supersets (where you alternate between 2 exercises so no time is wasted sitting on instagram - links in footer). Superset 1 is single leg press (left, then right), then single leg calf raise on the leg press. This will take a while, but no need to get up, so you might as well get comfortable. Finish up with a 10 minute core circuit to hold you together.


Equipment Skip Rope, Stability Ball, Leg Press, Kettlebell

Commitment 1-2 sessions per week

Session Duration Approx 45 mins

Block Duration 12 weeks

Safety first Indulge me right here

SCC Gym Phase 2


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