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The Rules


Plyometrics is no joke. The ultimate translation of strength into power means that the bigger your base, the more you will benefit.

Rule 1 I do not recommend choosing plyo if you are time poor and are looking for a quick exercise session. In this program we build to forces of 8 x bodyweight being absorbed through your muscles, joints, and tendons. I love it.

Rule 2 Please read the blog for recommendations on when plyo is most appropriate so you can benefit the most and maximise your power.

Rule 3 Plyo is super time efficient, so we prepare appropriately with a thorough and specific warm up. What I have included is just a suggested warm up. Please feel free to add to it, just no static stretching.

Rule 4 4-10 weeks at a time are perfect. After that, return to strength training to give your tissues a brief respite from jumping and landing. Eg. Phase 1 gym, phase 1 plyo, phase 2 gym, phase 2 plyo and so on.


Goal Rapid, explosive force

Equipment Roller, stick / dowel, step, weight vest optional,

Commitment 1-2 sessions per week

Duration Approx 20-30 mins

Safety first Indulge me right here

Plyometrics Phase 3