Life is busy. I understand. Fortunately with a little equipment such as an exercise ball, suspension trainer, 10L water container, a skipping rope, and a resistance band, you will be well on your way to being a stronger, more resilient, more biomechanically refined movement maestro.


Phase 4 is faster, heavier, and straight to the point. This is a much more time-efficient program to fit in around a big training block. You will find loads of tips in the blog for how to maintain your strength training on tired legs. A little goes a long way.


Goal Stamina, Strength, and Optimum Movement

Equipment Skip rope, backpack, suspension trainer, exercise ball, roller, water container (10kg)

Commitment 1-2 sessions per week

Duration Approx 40 mins

Safety first Indulge me right here

Home Strength Phase 4


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