Working in Lorne and Apollo Bay I truly appreciate having this stretch of coastline on my doorstep. An incredible course that is steeped in rich history from the diggers 100 years ago, and the Gadubanud people since forever. For many people this is an 'A' event with a lengthy and dedicated training schedule to meet the demands of the race. I am doing my best to support your journey through providing specific strength training to compliment your running, make your training more effective, and keep those pesky injuries at bay. I understand the requirements of training for a goal event so I have crafted your strength training with all variables taken into consideration.


Phase 3 - Dynamic Strength

Designed to be performed at home or at the gym. I'm not going to lie, this might be a little awkward the first couple of sessions. Start off with one set of each exercise, building to 3 as tolerated and enjoy all those neural connections you are laying down. This is best suited to the biggest training block, exercises that will leave you fatigued at the time, but you will recover from quickly while still reaping the rewards.


Strength Requirements Right here

Equipment Stick, bench, suspension trainer, skip rope, weights or water container, mat, fit ball

Commitment 1-2 sessions per week

Session Duration Approx 45 mins

Block Duration 12 weeks

Safety first Indulge me right here

GORRF Phase 3


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