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Strength Goals for Phase 2

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Right, you have been enjoying phase 1 for a minimum of 2 weeks to grease the hinges and are now ready to take your strength to the next level....phase. To progress from phase 1 to 2 I ask you to perform a very straight forward self-assessment. These 3 exercises can be done anywhere to make sure you are in the best position to tolerate the loads in subsequent phases. If you are looking for how to progress to phases 3 & 4, check out what you need to achieve right here.

Running Strength Goals for Phase 2

Phase 1 is all about learning and reinforcing good movement habits (with a healthy dose of strength!). Phase 2 builds on this foundation and opens up a whole world of high load, technically challenging, super rewarding exercises that will pay dividends so I want you to be in fighting shape to get the most out of it. What's the catch? You've got to earn it. Here are my recommendations for running strength goals to progress to phase 2. If you would like a fancy template to fill in and track your progress, send me an email at and i'll send it through. Watch each video for technique, test yourself, and let me know how you go. I expect you to achieve different scores on each leg, so your overall score is the lowest of the 2 as we can't just progress one leg at a time, that would be weird.

Calf Goals for Phase Progression

Quads Goals for Phase Progression

Glute Goals for Phase Progression

Here is that template again. Let me know how you go.

By increasing your tissue tolerance, you are protecting against risk of injury. Strength is not likely to change running mechanics but instead serves to raise the the tissue capacity ceiling. This allows you to run at a lower % of your total capacity for longer. Check out the full range of strength training programs for runners right here. Please get in touch with any questions.

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