"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe." Abe Lincoln

The Rules


Plyometrics is no joke. The ultimate translation of strength into power means that the bigger your base, the more you will benefit.

Rule 1 I do not recommend choosing plyo if you are time poor and are looking for a quick exercise session. In this program we build to forces of 8 x bodyweight being absorbed through your muscles, joints, and tendons. I love it.

Rule 2 Please read the blog for recommendations on when plyo is most appropriate so you can benefit the most and maximise your power.

Rule 3 Plyo is super time efficient, so we prepare appropriately with a thorough and specific warm up. What I have included is just a suggested warm up. Please feel free to add to it, just no static stretching.

Rule 4 4-10 weeks at a time are perfect. After that, return to strength training to give your tissues a brief respite from jumping and landing. Eg. Phase 1 gym, phase 1 plyo, phase 2 gym, phase 2 plyo and so on.

Don't forget to download Physiapp from any app store (apple right here, android right here), select the most appropriate program from below and BAM! off you go. Of course, please have a read of our safety disclaimer and as always, any questions, please reach out.