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Margaret River holds a very fond place in my heart, visiting there in 2008 and doing everything I could to prolong my stay. I pruned grape vines, did some landscaping, then ended up settling for 12 months just to enjoy this special region of Australia. That's enough nostalgia, now it is time to best prepare you for the wonders of the south west. The Cape to Cape track has everything you need in an ultra, beautiful single track, epic karri trees, and incredible surf breaks to keep you distracted. There is a healthy amount of vert for you to soak up over the undulating course and plenty of sand to keep you honest. What more do you need? Strength. Pure, simple, time-efficient, proven strength. I understand the requirements of training for a goal event so I have crafted your strength training with all variables taken into consideration. To make sure you are challenging your body at the right level, take the strength tests found here for phase 1 and 2, and here for phase 3. If you need a bigger dose, get in touch and i'll look after you. Check out the blog for loads of hints and tips. 

Margaret River Ultra Marathon

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