Specific, Effective, Accessible Strength Training for Runners

Would you like to train uninterrupted without interference from injury?
How about achieving performance benefits such as improved running economy and delayed muscle fatigue?


“There may be no substitute for greater muscular strength when it comes to improving an individual’s performance while simultaneously reducing their risk of injury” Suchomel, Nimphius, & Stone 2016.


My approach

As an exercise physiologist I encourage all forms of movement. As a runner, I encourage specific strength training that compliments your running, improves your performance, and reduces your risk of injury in time-efficient workouts. 

Goal based programs

How do you know you are ready for the next phase? Once you can achieve the sets and reps in phase 1, measure your strength with a simple battery of strength tests you can perform anywhere (tests for phase 2, phase 3 & 4). 

Video access

I would love to train with you, but don't wait for me! All programs have video access via physiapp. Once you download a program you will receive a link with a code to get your started. Log your workouts over time to track your progress and keep you motivated.

Stay safe!

Refresh your safety tips here


An unstoppable mountain runner who is frighteningly quick on the flat lands. Why Strength? "Because the biggest challenge in running is to train consistently at a solid volume for a prolonged period of time. By incorporating strength, I increase my resilience against injury and it assists in helping me maintain my training. Additionally, I always feel more powerful when incorporating strength into my program."

Blake Hose

With a marathon PB of 2:26:20 and every run better than the last we are all excited to see what Ellie can do next (Tokyo 2020? There, I said it). With the support of her coach Julian Spence behind her, she continues to go from strength to strength, so a key goal of mine will be to best support her training. Why strength? "Because I need to be able to run 140km a week and not get injured."

Ellie O'Kane

50km treadmill world record, 60km record holder at GORRF, half-mara record holder at SCTM, awesome ambassador for the Goldfields community. Why strength? "As much as I would like to spend all my time simply running I have finally realised investing some time in strength is just not negotiable if I want to stay in action! Most of us spend our days in jobs where we use our bodies in really dysfunctional ways, it really just makes sense to put some time into ensuring things are firing correctly."

Tash Fraser

An experienced runner, coach, and ambassador to the running community. You will find Dennis at just about every event from brutal ultras, Melbourne Mara, and Diamond Creek Park Run. Why Strength? "I am able to still run and compete with runners decades younger than myself because strength training allows me to cope with the stresses that ultra running places on my body. Strength training also keeps common running injuries away."

Dennis Lazar

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